Ice cream social implementation

Configure the Ice Cream Social Integration


1 - First we must enter the crm with the following link (enter with the username and password before providing)


2 - To create the ice cream social integration we visit the following url and press the plus button

3 - In the add integration modal we look for ice cream social and press configure

4 -In the next modal “Configure Integration”

1 - Integration alias : It is the identifier with which the integration will be known

2 - Key: The ics public key 

3 - Campaign ID: The ics campaign ID

4 - Show confirmation modal: with this value the value of the modal type is controlled, disable to "none", activate to "modal".

5 - You want a delay time? : if you want a timeout to show the ICS widget

6 - The waiting time to show the widget in case of activating the previous option

7 - Save and create.


5 -  After saving the integration, a new tab appears with the name of Notifications, here you can activate or deactivate the events to which you want to subscribe. (turn the event on or off and press save)




Pages and Notifications events

The first thing we must do is activate the test mode

We copy the test token

and add it to the url


Test Credit Card:

Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242 Expiration: any date greater than the current month (example: 12/36)

CVC: any 3 digit number (example: 247 )


1 - Page View: On the following pages the event is dispatched Page view   (Funnel Page)     (Shop Page)


2 - Add Transaction: When a purchase is completed both in the store and in the funnel, the add transaction event is dispatched